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"I reached out to Bridget back in the summer of 2015. I was going through some extremely rough times in my relationship and was just very negative spiritually. I asked Bridget for a reading, which I had received. It was so spot on and purely amazing. It was over the phone but I felt like it was in person. Bridget knew my situation and offered to help me get through it, as well as work on some personal growth. She took her time daily to pray with me and meditate. Not only was Bridget helping me spiritually, she was also there for me whenever I needed her, even if it was just a shoulder to cry on.

At one point I was completely hopeless and wanted to give up on life, but Bridget helped me every step of the way. It is now the ending year of 2020 and my life is totally different.. it is beautiful, magical and full of faith. I had changed my entire perspective and faith because of Bridget. My situation is also everything I could have ever dreamed of due to the work Bridget had also done behind the scenes. She refused to give up on me and everything she promised would happen always came to fruition. Even better than I expected!!

Bridget is an amazing friend to me, life coach and spiritualist. I am forever indebted to her for everything she has done for me and how her unbelievable ways were able to transform my entire life! She is truly an angel sent from heaven.

No matter what I am going through, small or big- Bridget makes sure everything turns out okay. She will never fail me. Truly so talented and kind hearted. I am forever grateful to have come in contact with her and I know I will turn to her for the rest of my life."

– Alexis Sciubba,
Astoria, New York 

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Leave a Testimonial
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